Big Money

Do you watch Wheel of Fortune? I love how players shout out “Big Money” when they spin the wheel, hoping to land on a big number. To us ordinary folks, a thousand bucks is big money. When you think about the millions (or billions) of dollars invested in elections, lawmaking, and institutional systems it makes you realize that most people live in a very different world from real big money.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Big Money”

  1. She was earning the typical female’s salary at the ad agency. Unpaid overtime hours to meet deadlines and working at assignments more diligently than the males at times. She was on her feet a lot running up and down the stairs from the client account service department to the creative department. Finally she began to experience severe pain under her left foot. Turned out it wasn’t a ganglionic cyst, as some of her friends suggested, but a rare giant cell tumor. She underwent surgery to have her small toe amputated along with a long slice along the exterior of her foot. However, during the procedure the surgeon discovered that the tumor was beginning to spread under the fourth toe and made the decision it would be best to perform a surgical excision under that toe to remove the tumor. Although she was covered by a good health insurance plan she was hit by a seven thousand dollar charge because the insurance carrier decided that the surgeon should not have proceeded with the extra unplanned surgical procedure without their approval. Aside from adapting to the severe post surgical pain she had to cough up what was big money on her meager salary. All she could think about was how stupid it was because it would have been costlier for the insurance carrier for her to have had two separate surgeries with all the costs incurred rather than taking care of everything at once. It had taken her a long time to save seven thousand and that was really big money to her. It added to the emotional upset of adapting to the results of the surgery.

  2. Often, as the cliché goes, I turn green with envy and a feeling of intense inadequacy when I hear that a G0-fund-me goal was $3000 and it took in big money of $300,000+. The same is true when seeing someone raking in big money via some lottery. Why? Because I’m desperately trying to discover means to fund solar energy for a charity in Port au Prince Haiti, a free children’s care center which takes care of all human needs for about 75 children, ages 2 to 16. As in all impoverished countries (and Haiti is THE most impoverished in our hemisphere) power outages are a part of life. It shouldn’t happen in a tropical country when solar energy is a possibility. In some neighborhoods where grants have been forthcoming, children are enabled to study at night under street lights because of solar energy. Where is the big money (relatively speaking) to install solar power for a building with six rooms so life can go on in spite of almost daily power outages?

  3. Big money was a nickname for Uncle Benji , who came from the city , once in a year , riding a swashbuckling sports car , whooshing into the village , raising clouds of dust . When the clouds settled , Uncle Benji emerged from his swanky car , dusting his coat , adjusting his cowboy hat , like a movie star. Immediately , a crowd would gather around him . Like a swarm of gnats , they wouldn’t leave him .

    He wore gold cuff-links , and gold studs in his ears. He was the first one to parade an i-phone and a laptop around . All around him gasped and gawped. He might as well have come from Mars.

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