It’s Hell

I’m reminded of a scene from “The L Word” when Carmen enters a strip club. The place is jammed with screaming men watching a woman undress on a stage. Carmen meets Shane and says, “What is this place. It’s like being in hell.”

That’s what hell is. A place where men can demand that women do whatever they want no matter how demeaning.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “It’s Hell”

  1. She’d been through a lot of hellish experiences in her lifetime. This one turned out to be one of the worst imaginable. She and her husband had bought a 1970’s Cape on a two acre knoll in Vermont. It had all those good bones but had been neglected for quite a long time. There also was a huge old barn with the remnants of beautiful wooden stalls and a five foot high stone wall running along its side. Both house and barn had slate shingles which she had always admired over the years. As they began their renovations beginning with a thorough cleaning from top to bottom they noticed a somewhat acrid odor on the 2nd floor. All the windows had been open to let the fresh, clean spring breeze waft through the house so the odor was unexpected. Some of the slate shingles were missing and they had someone over to replace them. His first approach was to examine the interior of the roof in the low attic for structural damage before replacing any shingles. His visit was pretty short. What he found was that a colony of bats had been making the attic their home during summers. It was filthy with bat guano. Our hell began that day. Too long a story to relate. You can imagine having to live with a migrating colony of bats when they would swoosh in swiftly through the tiniest of holes in the roof. They would stay in the attic but there were times while we were asleep we would wake up to that swooshing sound in our bedroom. Since it is illegal to kill bats it look us several years of special policing and structural corrections to solve our problem.

  2. Hell-on-earth. In my lifetime this has been often, OFTEN, literally. Nazi death camps, fire-hosing WWII opponents out of island caves, POWs’ experiences, Vietnam, USSR purges, siege of Leningrad, tyrants gassing their own people, enduring racism & gender inequality, life in inhumanely overcrowded camps as refugee from war and homeland devastation due to industrial greed, “scorched earth” policies in act to win religious and territorial wars, environmental devastation due mainly to war and pollution due to economic power and greed. Hell is wherever human violence has the upper hand.

  3. There are many, maybe too many situations out of our contol that we can rightly say ” it’s he’ll on earth.” Then there are those who are the carpenters of their own crosses, the creators of the hell they choose to live in. Go figure.

  4. Waiting on a hospital bed
    for pulse to flicker and swell
    Tales of courage and dread
    A racing breath becomes hell

    To be unable to sleep a wink
    thoughts that you can’ t tell
    or let alone ,even, think
    That is one’s personal hell

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