It’s Heaven

If there is a heaven on earth, it’s wild nature. The places where the trees, birds, animals, and tiny multitudes live without interference from the homo sapiens overrunning the planet. To experience that heaven, people have to go there, be in it. Hear it, smell it, see it, feel it. Yet leave it alone in the process. We have a heavenly planet but it needs care.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “It’s Heaven”

  1. For us In the USA and elsewhere In the Northern hemisphere, heaven is abundance of necessities. We even have abundance in time and finance for beauty, leisure, travel, education, opportunities, etc. For more than 50% of the world’s population, heaven is having enough and skip all other “abundances.” This is the “throw away” portion of society where there sustenance often comes from recycling our offal and cast-offs. Heaven, like everything else, is relative..

  2. They always liked taking backroads meeting the native people and learning their ways of life when they traveled in Europe. Nothing was more boring than traveling with a group on a tight schedule. This was Marie’s first trip to Greece. They met a gentleman in Athens when they arrived who advised them about a village at the end of an “s” curving mountain road called Papingo. So off they went driving higher and higher into the mountains until they came to the end of the road in Papingo. Very small white modest homes with one café for the men to gather at smoking and playing cards. A pale gray gentle donkey walking about the tiny village on the cobblestones sniffing for what might be of interest. The women were dressed from head to toe in black. Sometimes you might spot one walking with a bundle of twigs gathered for cooking heat across her shoulders towards her home. They had the pleasure of meeting a widow and her son who cooked in their outdoor fireplace and served them in their teeny courtyard. Beforehand they would take their cocktails to the top of a hill and gaze out at the hairpin curved road that had brought them to Papingo. It was sometime in September. Once while there they heard bells clanging ever so gently from far off. The sounds became more and more loud. Finally, there was a herd of goats assembled in the center of the village by shepherds. They were being brought down from the mountain for the winter months. They would trot down the steep road and a few would be left at one house; then another; and another. This would be their winter lodging. As they sat sipping their drinks they heard the bells become more and more hushed until they could hear them no longer. They were mesmerized by the beauty of the countryside and the vision of this winding ribbon-like herd of small goats going down the steep hills. “It’s heaven!” They still get goosebumps when they talk about the experience.

  3. The morning was full of disappointment. This last effort to have my manuscript
    published was declined. My energy level was zero although perked up a bit by the sweet aroma of freshly baked croissants. I walked past the little bakery in lower Manhattan then back tracked, walked in and ordered a croissant. At first bite thought,”It’s Heaven.”

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