My Mom

My mom didn’t go to college but she was really smart. She worked for Ma Bell for 25 years when it was unusual for a woman to be working. She loved to play bridge and golf and had lifelong friends who stuck by her through everything. She was a great role model.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “My Mom”

  1. I find it extremely difficult to write about my mom. Her life was not an easy one. She worked extremely hard. She was kind and generous to everyone. She was the sole support of my brother and me. She would cry frequently. After all those years of taking care of us when we reached adulthood and married she thought she could enjoy her family. She adored all of us equally. She spent her money on school clothes and surprises for her grandchildren. Her life revolved around them. Eventually, her daughter-in-law succeeded in causing a fracture in my brother’s relationship with his family. The one thing that remained and was the focus of her life was my own children and apparently successful marriage. That marriage was dissolved to her shock and amazement because I did not want to burden her with my own personal problems. Shortly thereafter she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It had metastasized and her only wish was that my sons and I spend her last Christmas at her place for dinner. They did not show up because they decided to spend it with their father and his new girlfriend. I try to make excuses for them thinking they were 18 and 23. Inexperienced with death and divorce. Much easier to be with a “normal” family like my x-husband’s new one? But it still depresses me to this day that someone could have been such a wonderful and loving person to have wound up with such sad ending.

  2. Mom was nine years old when women “were given” the vote, old enough to be covertly influenced to take on feminist tendencies even if her personal milieu didn’t. Subtly she influenced these values in me so that I believed 100% that, as she was convinced and passed on, I as female, could do anything I wanted. We all know she, and therefore I, was wrong. I just heard today that gender pay equality won’t happen for decades if then. Within our family though Mom and Dad were equal partners. During WWII they owned and operated a grocery store. Every one of their employees were drafted so they became partners in every way. I remember accidentally once seeing the annual balance sheet and being surprised to see that even with the IRS they were partners. in fact my Mother even made a penny more than my Dad did. Life is not always kind. Mom developed Alzheimer’s Disease when it was still pretty much unknown. Her version had a paranoid streak but Dad endured. He literally rolled with the punches. They remained partners until his death. Mom was an unusual woman and remains one of my heroes. .

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