Trick or Treat

Little Jim was ready for Halloween. His costume was on, his candy tote was ready and he’d practiced a magic trick endlessly. He was giving people a trick whether they wanted one or not. He planned to say, “A trick for a treat,” when he knocked on a door instead of the normal, “Trick or treat.” He pulled at Big Jim’s hand, saying, “Daddy, let’s go.” Daddy grabbed the camera so I could enjoy it later. I was staying home to pass out treats to everyone else.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Trick or Treat”

  1. Halloween and Trick or Treat conjure up the kinds of costumes we saw around town. They were 100% homemade. I remember being upset one year because, once again, my costume was a sheet made to show I was a ghost. Mom and Dad ran a well-liked grocery store. They had absolutely no time to do otherwise than to provide their children with a sheet for us to pretend to be ghosts.

    Trick or Treat was different though. Again being children of grocers, one of whom was health-food oriented before the world understood the phrase, candy was good — in moderation — and Dad made that judgment. The biggest memory I have surrounding the Trick or Treat process revolves around how cold I was always. As I write today the high will be in the 60’s. Is there anyone out there who still doubts climate change?

  2. There are three decidedly different trick or treat memories she had. The first was when she had to dress in a costume to lead the marching band at the town’s annual Halloween Parade through Main Street. This was her very first time leading the band. Her mother had prepared the multi-colored squiggly pastas that reminded her of worms. She was so damned excited that when she arrived at the location where all the school bands were lining up she threw up all over her Halloween pirate costume. That was definitely a trick! The second memory was when she was a wild woman of forty-two and free as a bird from responsibilities of family. She’d been dating a suave European with a very sexy voice. Not one to be immodest it took a lot for her to show up ringing his doorbell. When he opened the door she opened her raincoat to show him her nude body in full display whilst she yelled, “trick or treat?” That was definitely a treat! And, finally, her last greatest Halloween was shared with her husband. They dressed as Frankenstein and his bride. They shook chains, groaned, screamed, and thumped their boots while visitors toured through the local Haunted House put on by the town chapter of the Chamber of Commerce. The next day neither of them could speak because they’d lost their voices. A combination that year of trick or treat and tons of fun seeing the expressions of visitors’ faces. Great memories all.

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