One Vote

The election’s over for me. I cast my vote on the first day of early voting. The polling place I went to was crowded already. Each of us is equal in the voting booth: one vote, one person. It’s the loudest way I know to announce my position on the fate of the country – filling in circles quietly and feeding my ballot into a counting machine.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “One Vote”

  1. Let’s hope there’s only one vote for each registered voter. Wanting to avoid crowds on election day my vote was hand written on November 25th at our town hall. Sealed with a kiss and given to the town clerk. Nothing fancy in our small town. Outside of the year of the hanging chad in Florida and the result being the Bush presidency, this election year has to be the most bizarre I’ve ever witnessed. I’m with those who would like to see the length of the election process cut back. Yee Gods! A bit too long, dontcha think? I’m cutting off my TV news viewing until the end of Election Day. I’ve had it!

  2. I haven’t voted since 2004. I just became too jaded when Kerry caved so easily. I feel that this year is the most important election of my lifetime, but the whole process has made me crazy this year. I am voting on Nov 8th but am avoiding politics until then.

  3. One person; one vote? Hardly. I learned that long ago when voting in a precinct populated almost 90% by people whose civic standards were completely opposite my own. Vote statistics are built precinct by precinct. What is one among so many? Since then I’m careful to know the voting tendencies of my precinct neighbors before I decide to make the trek to a vote site. I really want my vote to count. Many are saying this election day is a turn off for them. THAT ‘S the reason I will vote. It’s the uncertainty of who decides in the negative. Maybe for once in awhile my one vote will count. I plan to be there on election day and not before.

  4. One Vote is what every voter has concerning each issue and office appearing on the ballot. It is a privilege to have one vote, and this should provoke enthusiasm and thought. The voter must realize one vote means the opportunity to bring change. Thought is a prerequisite for meaningful change.

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