50 Pounds

She was a skinny little thing. She wanted so much to be big, strong, tough. No matter how much she ate, she just couldn’t reach her goal of 50 pounds. Finally, when she was almost to her 7th birthday, she hit the mark. She pumped her arms and cheered. Her therapist, who helped her climb on the scale at every therapy session, cheered along with her. I gave a couple of whoops and the nurses nearby came over to give her high fives.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “50 Pounds”

  1. I must’ve lost and gained, and lost and gained the same 50 pounds about 10 times in this life. Me and my waistline, we’re in this never ending war…oh I know I’ll never be as svelte as the girls in magazines, but is it so terrible to want to look better in my clothes, to want to wear whatever without worrying about how my gut will look? It is when you also want to eat real food and generous portions of it.

  2. Having never had the need to diet throughout the first half of my life, I was shocked when my body began its morphing into a “pigeon.” I call it the elderly woman pigeon shape. You know. Your upper body becomes bigger while your arms and legs are still thin. It’s not that your breasts grow voluptuously. It’s that body fat has attacked me from my shoulders down to just above my hips. This was so unexpected that it was mind boggling. Problem is that I had a triple whammy: menopause combined with the chemo followed by five years of ingesting Tamoxifen. Not one person mentioned the Tamoxifen might add a lot of extra weight. Prior to all that I used to do aerobics faithfully five days a week and loved dancing. But sometime in my late fifties I had major foot surgery and that put an end to my being on my feet for any length of time. It took a long, long time to get over it and accept me the way I am now. I became awfully exhausted and depressed admonishing myself for my body change. Now I’ve accepted it. Hey, I’m a grandmother. I can’t do aerobics, hike, go canoeing, or even walk much the way I used to. What am I going to do? Not continue to be so hard on myself. That’s the answer. This is the way it is. I love my extra fifty pounds. I accept it. It’s a badge of courage for what I’ve experienced physically. I’m a survivor and proud of it.

  3. From: First 50 Words – Prompts for Writing Practice To: pax@maghacot.com Sent: Friday, November 4, 2016 8:34 PM Subject: [New post] 50 Pounds He had just arrived in London from Manila for his new job asa company driver.  He wanted tocomprehend in pesos the value of the 50 pounds, a new currency to him.  So he made a roundabout mental calculation:50 pounds times 1.25 US dollars equals 62.50 dollars and 62.50 dollars time 48pesos is 3,000 pesos.  Wow!  That was what he used to make in two weeks ofdriving in Manila, he thought.

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  4. “50 Pounds.”
    “50 Pounds ?”
    “Yes, 50 Pounds only , no haggling please. ” This lady was Indian , but talked in English , like a gori mem. ( White lady) . Prito found it difficult to fathom that She should be paid just 50 pounds a week for all the housework . Some thing told her , 50 pounds were much more than 50 rupees . She would do the maths later , in the peace of her one room tenement . As of now , she said bye to her new employer , and walked down the sidewalk . The words “50 Pounds ” ringing in her ear.

    It should have felt good . It didn’t . It sounded like a pittance , like some “meherbani”. She had worked hard , despite her creaking joints and blurring vision. This entire week , she had scrubbed toilets , swept and cleaned porches , done innumerable dishes , vacuumed carpeted floors , made up beds , cleaned cobwebs .

    This lady owned a huge mansion , not unlike her own kothi , back home . But here , this lady wouldn’t move a muscle . She keeps to herself in that seedy room of hers, where even Prito was not allowed. Once , from a crack in the curtain , she had caught a glimpse of an enormous room , with unmade beds , low chandeliers , a bar full of foreign liquor and several overflowing ash-trays all over the room .

    The mansion had fallen to disrepair , almost. Prito , together with that cute freckled boy , Freddie had cleaned up the house of its dust and grime . After a week of diligent scrubbing , polishing , the shine was visible from underneath all that filth.

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