The Sunrise

Sandia Sunrise

I’m waiting for the sunrise, just to make sure the world is still turning and that last night’s election results didn’t cause the end of everything. I woke up dreaming I was on the phone with a 911 operator because a crazy man with a gun was inside my home threatening everyone. I need the sunrise to cheer me up.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “The Sunrise”

  1. Alicia always loved the song “Sunrise, sunset” from Fiddler On The Roof. A phrase is, “Sunrise, sunset; swiftly flow the days.” When she first began to practice singing this piece it was most difficult for her to learn to control the fact that it brought her to tears. It was very melancholy. It took a long time for her to get it down pat so that it would not make her cry. She was pleased when she managed to finally appear in a theatre production and sing it so that her audience felt the emotions as strongly as she had. In her later years it became part of her repertoire singing in nightclubs and doing the dinner café circuit. During the theatrically lit performances she could catch glimpses of tears in the audience’s eyes. It gave her a sense of accomplishment to see the effect this song had on people.

  2. It was a long night.

    His mom was battling for life , and it was apparent to all that she was fast losing. It began with the evening rise of temperature , shivering and delirium.

    She had been confined to the bed for the last two months . In hepatic coma and out of it . Everyone said , she was born again . No one knew her new birth would last for few hours. She lapsed back into the coma , she had come out of .

    Sometime near midnight , a ventilator was rolled in . Those were ancient days . Ventilators were a novelty .This one was called Radcliffe’s. It had monstrous bellows for pumping oxygen into failed lungs.

    My father wept like a child in the corridor. I saw him and wept too. I had never seen him cry , before or after.
    At somewhere around 4 a.m., I went in and called her ,shouting into her ears , in between sobs; willing to pull her away from whichever pit she had fallen into .

    She opened her eyes , to look . But she wasn’t there any more . Then she shut them , never to open again .

    That was the time the sun rose. A blinding sheet of light covered everything . Summer solstice . June 21st. The sunrise was in sharp contrast to the dark despair in our hearts.

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