The Gong

At the healthplex where I’ve been going for physical therapy for a while, you get to bang a gong on your last visit. That’s today for me, and I plan to ring it with vigor. My epic win in my Super Better game, however, was to get back into my hour long exercise class and make it through. I did that last week. Two big achievements toward better health.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “The Gong”

  1. She was totally impressed when she attended one of Paul Winter’s winter solstice concerts. Previously she had only heard him play locally at a small venue in Connecticut. She also enjoyed listening to his beautiful recordings at home. But the winter solstice celebration concert each December was quite something because one of the members of his group played the world’s largest gong at seven feet in diameter. If you ever want something unique to see and listen to, be sure to try and catch one of these performances. You will not regret it.

  2. Virginia: hope you thoroughly enjoyed banging the heck out of that gong today to celebrate your last visit. Congrats!

  3. The gong sounded twice in a day .

    Two meals in a day , for two thousand inmates.

    They came shuffling , like hordes of insects. Skeletal frames , dressed in grey . Loose grey frocks , which bared their thin , bony legs and shoulders . Their bony , impassive faces , uniform in their collective misery. They all held a battered aluminium plate. It resembled them . Battered , bent and worn-out. Each was served gloopy grey slop , that leaked from the holes in their plates . It was eaten with fingers and licked from plates , like famished animals .

    It was a singularly dismal place. They said it was a women’s shelter cum juvenile centre. It had all the appearance of a concentration camp .

    One of the most dismal places on the planet earth.

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