Be Brave

“Be brave,” she said. “Be who you are,” she said. “You belong here,” she said.

I listened, but I didn’t feel brave. I am proud to be who I am, but I’m not a brave fighter, not a porcupine about my right to walk down the street or enter the same department store as you.

How do you “be brave?”

Please use the open space below to share your first 50 words on the topic “be brave.”


Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Be Brave”

  1. Be brave and don’t let your fears and self-doubts control you. Life is too precious to be living in fear. And, life is too short to be wasted on unreal doubts. Don’t think and just let the words come to you. Be brave and be yourself. Be brave and start writing.

  2. Superheroes used to tell me, :Be brave; be courageous. Act in favor of those who cannot.. Be the voice of the voiceless.” No more. Superheroes are far from exemplars exhorting us to be brave and courageous in bettering the world. Instead they side with the violent, the greedy, the uncaring, the rich and powerful. It’s now up to us to become the brave superheroes we long for.

  3. She continues to whisper to herself, “Be brave!” She has reached her seventy-seventh birthday this week. The year she hit seventy-six was the first time she truly felt her body presenting new aches – new limitations. Grateful always for the marvelous experiences in her life working and traveling, she now feels very much alone. She always was a survivor. A fighter. She was strong. She could always push beyond her ability to complete a mission. She could make people laugh. She inspired them. She was the best friend anyone could have. Now there isn’t very much time remaining. After all, the longest a female on both maternal and paternal sides lived was eighty-three. She feels defeated and hates the emotions she experiences. Her adult children are not a part of her life any longer. Her marriage was ruined by disloyalty and betrayal. She has her home, her pets, very few longtime friends. Most of her relatives and friends have died. She misses them so much. For the first time she is not looking excitedly forward to anything. Always a person to energize others and have a lust for living, now she is trying to cope with this last leg of her life’s journey. She is losing her energy and her thirst for life rapidly. “Be brave, you twit! You can do this. You’ve done so much more. Enjoy the rest of the small number of years you have remaining. Don’t waste it by feeling sorry for yourself. Be brave!”

  4. “Be brave ” My folks whispered into my ears , as I lay gasping next to beeping monitors .
    “Be brave” I whispered into my daughter’s ears , when she had to stand at the same bus stop , where she had been eave-teased yesterday.
    “Be brave” Shouted the instructor , as we climbed slippery rocks.
    “Be brave” , Drilled my inner voice , as I braved catcalls on my way to college , every single day .
    “Be brave” , said my mother simply , as I wept after my daughter left for college.
    “Be brave”, I consoled myself , when tears sprung , burning , salty , every time I bade my spouse goodbye , on a smoky , dusty platform.
    “Be brave” I scolded my maid when she talked to her 5 year old on phone , and went sullen , speechless.
    “Be brave”, I chided me , when I crossed the same crossing , where I skidded last week , bruising myself.
    “Be brave”, The freezing night wind thundered into my ears , as I stood on the balcony , gazing at the horizon ,3 a.m., in the morning.

  5. Be Brave, confident, and take the next step. Only you have control of taking the next step to become successful at accomplishing your goals. Without taking the next step, goals can’t be realized. It takes courage and bravery to take the next step. The next step is necessary to achieve.

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