I Want

Scheduling is not my favorite thing. I want what I want when I want it. Not on a schedule. If I’m hungry at 4 PM, why can’t I have dinner then? If I want to go to the grocery store at 5:45 AM, why can’t I go then? If I want to publish a blog post right now, not in 8 minutes, why can’t I do that?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “I Want”

  1. I want the pain to stop. I want it to stop now. I want to lose this new-found understanding the preacher neighbor who blew his brains out because he couldn’t live with the pain. I want to see the faces and feel the love of my wife, my children, my grandchildren. I want the pain to stop.

  2. I want to wake up with a smile and enjoy my day. In order to do that I’m going to have to take a break and not read anything at all that concerns politics, the Middle East, global warming, or those trite, idiotic Kardashians. That means pretty much not watching the news at all for about one week. I want to get back to enjoying my life without feeling distressed. I want to get rid of the feeling of doom I’m experiencing. My heart has started to exhibit the effects of too much stress so I desperately need to calm my spirit. I want to put on some great music, light my candles, buy a beautiful bouquet and take pleasure in being the “chefess” on Thursday. And I will!

  3. Want is one thing; need is another. When they both come together individualism and being human (being creature) also come together. I really want to want what I need rather than simply wanting. We talk so much about solidarity but so often practice it in a superficial manner. I dress myself in it or ignore it as it suits. Solidarity is about our wants, our needs, so solidarity sometimes denies me my wants to favor others’ needs. This is my Thanksgiving thought.

  4. Shirley and Sandra’s laughing voices carried above the droning tannoy of Westminster’s Underground Station, their Pumpkin Latte’s steaming in the cool air. Jack didn’t care: he wanted the toy. He shifted in his pram, hands grasping in the air and reaching for the teddybear as the train bore down upon it, the wheels of the buggy slipping, unheard, from the edge of the platform,……. (I like this idea!) http://onewordonestory.org

  5. I want to sleep one night , for six hours straight , without interruptions . Not waking up every half hour , to check the time .
    I want to sit , write and publish a poem , in one single go , without being called five times to check if urine is flowing into certain catheters .
    I want to get up , once , in my life , and enjoy the morning quiet , without interruptions .
    I want to climb one mountain , in my life , however small, reach the top , bruised and panting ,and fist-pump the air .
    I want to stand inside an old cathedral and smell centuries long musty odour, of faith and religious fervour.
    I want to scream in people’s face , and tear my hair , so people run away , and leave me alone , for once .
    I want to sit next to my mom , and talk and talk , bore her to sleep , and still talk some more .
    I want to lie next to my better half , with him imprisoned in my eyes , around my arms .
    I want to let people go , and birds fly , wherever they want , whenever .
    I want people to shut up , and not keeping on advising me what to do , what to say , how to live ( and probably , how to die too!) .
    I want , for once , to not thank people , who need to be shouted at .
    I want to bake a huge batch of perfect cookies , and give it all to the guy who wipes my car , at 5 am in the dark, wintry morning.

  6. I want the type of love that never grows old. I want the type of love that knows no fault. I want the type of love that cannot be infiltrated by the enemy. I want a love that never ends. Do I want the type of love that doesn’t exist?

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