This makes me laugh. Jane and her mother Xiomara speak only English to their grandmother/mother. Alba, the mother/grandmother understands their English conversation perfectly. But she speaks only Spanish. Her daughter and granddaughter understand her Spanish conversation perfectly. Watching them talk back and forth in English and Spanish makes me laugh every week.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Jane”

  1. She hated the term “Plain Jane.” All the kids would call out to Alicia at the playground during recess. She scrunched down and away from the others hoping to make herself appear almost invisible. She did not want to be noticed. As a teenager she would look in the mirror at her dirty blond straight baby-fine hair. She had freckles across her nose and cheeks. Her eyebrows were so blond they were not discernible. And to make it worse when she reached thirteen she sprouted up, up, up like a vine. She was tall and skinny. When the kids would tease her and call her “Plain Jane” she would become particularly awkward and trip or drop things. Her feet grew as well at an alarming rate until they finally stopped at a size ten. Finally, when she turned eighteen after graduating from high school, Alicia began looking in the mirror and not turning away as quickly. She was tall and had filled out a bit. She learned to take care of her hair and to apply eye make-up. Boys began to whistle at her. Girls wanted to be friendly with her. She wasn’t called “Plain Jane” any longer. Everyone in the family told her she would make a great model with her long, long legs. The ugly duckling had turned into quite the swan.

  2. Destiny, Hope, Melody, Charisma, and Jane – the children of Pinebough RunningWater and her common-law husband Buck. The first four children were conceived under the open sky and born in a small yurt, handcrafted by the couple themselves. For nearly a decade they lived blissfully in the woods. Taking only what they needed and treading lightly in return. Eight days before the salmon run of the 10th year, a bearded man with a plastic hat told the family that they had to leave. A timber company had bought the woods and were going to clear cut before the fall frost. Pinebough wept and told the man that she was with child. His heart was unmoved. They had one week. Unlike her sisters, Jane was born in a sterile city hospital. Unlike her sisters she was formula fed. Unlike her sisters she would attend government schools. Unlike her sisters, she was Jane.

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