The Best Holiday

Without little children around, I’ve lost interest in holidays and holiday traditions. The best holidays are about children – opening presents, hiding colored eggs, watching fireworks. I need little people with their wonder and excitement around me to stir up my appreciation for another holiday observance.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “The Best Holiday”

  1. When I think about it the best holiday would be difficult to choose because I’ve been lucky enough to have experienced so many really good ones. Even though we no longer celebrate family holiday get-togethers for various reasons we still have wonderful memories of those we have had. One of our favorites was putting together a Fourth of July celebration. We’d spend a small fortune for decorative fireworks as opposed to noisy dangerous ones. We’d bake the traditional USA flag sheet cake and have all summer foods like hot dogs, burgers, various kinds of salads and plenty of homemade ice cream for the kids. There was always such an air of excitement when everyone would arrive to sit outside in the backyard waiting for dark and showtime. Neighbors were always invited as well. Everyone was provided with sparklers – those long metal stick-like handheld items you’d light with a match. We all especially loved the fireworks that lit the night sky in the shape of flowers and stars. Afterwards our well fed and sleepy guests would hug us and tell us they couldn’t wait until next year’s celebration. We just loved having our annual Fourth of July show.

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