Strange Gifts

You’ve been opening presents lately, right? I’ll bet there are some strange gifts in your history. Things you can’t imagine why someone gave you? Mine was a basketball. What did I want with a basketball? Nothing, actually. But I got one. Odd how other people around me had so much fun with it.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Strange Gifts”

  1. Strange gifts? Well when I was about 10, some cousin in Arizona sent empty boxes to my sisters and me for Christmas, that was strange. Another year an aunt gave me lingerie (I was 13) and it her & my uncle wanted me to model it for them.

  2. There was that Christmas when they had been together for a long time. They’d gone for counseling to try to come to terms with the garbage from their former marriages. She thought most of the kinks were ironed out. She was also tired of their splitting up after enjoying time together to go to their respective homes. Of course, his x-wife had literally taken everything he had and he’d been given the “golden handshake” from one of the largest international corporations so he wasn’t exactly without the burden of adapting to his own new life. However, she felt they were in love and lucky to have found each other. It had been ten years since her divorce. Unfortunately, his was recent. Still – she expected a real commitment from him. When he gave her the very small square gift- wrapped box that Christmas and she began to unwrap it her heart picked up its pace in anticipation. She truly thought it would be some sort of ring as a token of their commitment. What? Turned out to be a small round mushroom brush! There ya go!*#@%%^ Good advice: “Don’t ever set yourself up for disappointment.”

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