A Matinee

A spate of good movies always come out around the holidays. Have you been out to the theater lately? I usually go to a matinee because it’s cheaper. One of my secret pleasures is to go to a movie alone. It’s like I’m hiding from the world all alone in that dark space. No one knows where I am for a couple of hours. It’s delicious to me.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “A Matinee”

  1. Wednesday at the Movies

    On a cold December afternoon
    a matinee for old folks, half price
    fills the seats with gray heads,
    the aisles with walkers, canes and coats.
    No one really watches the show, some past classic
    in black and white, the actors in gowns and ties.
    An old man shouts, “What’s he saying?”
    with his hand cupped over his hearing aid.
    His wife shushes him but no one pays attention;
    they are more interested in their popcorn
    and how difficult it will be to get to the restroom
    at the intermission.

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