Sun streamed in the windows of the tiny Italian chapel. The seats of the benches glowed like gold.  The plain wooden benches were placed in perfect alignment. They cast long shadows on the bare concrete floor. The shadows seemed to point fingers at the kneelers, beseeching  worshipers to drop down in prayer immediately.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Shadow”

  1. Shadow was her pooch’s name. Alicia bought her as an 8-month old Miniature Schnauzer puppy just as soon as she retired. Shadow was a salt and pepper pooch with big, black eyes. It wasn’t long before she discovered Shadow had pancreatitis. At first there were a couple of incidences where the puppy would be violently throwing up and pooping at the same time. She was finally diagnosed. It was a pretty difficult thing to deal with because Shadow could not eat any fats. Alicia bought a dog food recipe book and prepared Shadow’s food and doggie biscuits from scratch. That solved the problem completely. She was lucky enough to have Shadow follow her everywhere. They were pretty much never apart. Alicia would climb into her big bed, open a book and nestle down to read before going to sleep. Shadow would jump in and snuggle her back against Alicia under the comforter. Shadow went everywhere with Alicia sitting up proudly in the front of the car’s passenger seat. The best buddy Alicia ever had. When Shadow was finally nine years old she started to exhibit signs of being off kilter. She’d have little coughing fits. Alicia took her to the vet because she was concerned about that symptom. Very sad to say that Shadow was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was a painful but very fast road to having Shadow put down. When Alicia’s home alone she still can hear the little clickety-clack of Shadow’s paws following her everywhere. It’s truly haunting.

  2. Looking at this beautiful cat a friend left with me a while ago, I wonder how could someone let such a beautiful creature go? Named Shadow because he followed his new owner everywhere, he keeps me company. His sleek, grey coat leaving puffs of hair everywhere, revealing favorite resting spots.

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