New Clothes

Are you a thrift store shopper or do you want your new clothes to actually be new clothes? I do a bit of both. When you are still wearing 25 year old tee shirts, maybe finding new clothes of any kind isn’t really your main focus in life.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “New Clothes”

  1. My favorite is when someone gives me a big bag of clothes because you never know what will be in the bag and you can’t beat the price. I usually only buy new clothes when I have to travel out of state for business, which happens only once a year.

  2. When she was on a very limited budget post-divorce she shopped the thrift store in a very high income sophisticated town. She always looked great in designer clothes and many times spent only as little as ten dollars for a fantastic business suit. The other women at the office always complimented her on her style and clothing but she never shared the fact that most of her clothes were gently used. That was because the other women were married and would spend a small fortune shopping every week for the latest and greatest. They were somewhat snobbish. If they were aware her clothes were secondhand they would be gossiping about her behind her back. She knew them well. On the other hand, now that she is retired she’s totally happy in inexpensive on sale men’s dress shirts topping her comfortable stretch leggings at home. When she has to go out and dress more appropriately she still can dig out one of her classic outfits and wear them. Those classics have lasted a long, long time and never gone out of style.

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