Gravel Rain

It sounds like gravel rain above my head, like sprinkling a sack of candy under a broken piñata. Then follows the crunch of heavy boots and the spreading noise of sweeping. Grit and dust shower down from ancient things dislodged. This roof, it’s a filthy job.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “Gravel Rain”

  1. She saw the most incredible thing in Denmark. There was a little rectangular commercial building with a plant filled roof. The entire roof was planted with grasses and flowers. It was so enchanting. As soon as she returned home to the U.S. she scoured books on the subject. She excitedly sketched a layout of how she would convert her tiny shed’s roof to a garden. Then she researched sources where she could purchase appropriate plants. Of course, lying down a weatherproof lining was necessary to keep water from soaking through to the interior of her shed. She became creative and decided at the last minute to add a small circle of shiny gravel thinking it would give the appearance of a tiny pond on her pitched roof. You guessed it! There was a torrential Spring downpour in the village. She ran out afterwards to investigate. She could feel the gravel rain on her noggin. Ouch! She was terribly upset with herself that she had forgotten to install a circular piece around the gravel to hold the stones in place. She would have to take care of that post-haste.

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