When someone who is insane makes the rules, it’s hard to concentrate on the simple facts of your own life. It’s hard to remember that the sun will rise, and lunch is available in the fridge, and your bed will be warm tonight. The insanity is overwhelming. Nothing makes sense. Nothing seems normal or reasonable. Enjoying a TV show, reading a good book, running the vacuum – it all feels bizarre in the face of the madness overtaking our country.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

8 thoughts on “Insane”

  1. “Insane”
    That’s what the headlines said after a series of court-ordered examinations of the tweets and Facebook posts of the millions who had self-identified as “progressive” or “liberal.” In a related ruling, the US Supreme Court voted 5-4 to uphold the “Sane Voters Act of 2019” that requires all persons, as a pre-condition of voting in any federal election, to provide positive proof of sanity.
    “We expect overall voter turnout to be lower than in past years, but the projects are that I will receive 100% of the vote,” said a declaration from His Highness the President Donald J. Trump. “This will prove how much the citizens love me.”
    As had been previously announced, surplus military field rations will be distributed to all voters who have tattoos showing they have attended three or more “We Love Donald” patriotism education camps.

  2. Yesterday I wrote a one paragraph blurb on the subject of insanity and the one major very ill player in our country who immediately came to mind. When I reviewed my paragraph prior to sending I realized I could not do it. It listed so many examples of an ill person and left even more out. It would have been too long. I came to the conclusion that it was making me feel even more sick, frustrated and angry. I’ve become like a moth attracted to light. I read all the news online, including publications that are solely about politics in this country. I’m mesmerized. I’m addicted. I’m afraid for the first time in my life for our country. Both parties in Washington are at fault that it has come to this. They are highly paid and have great health benefits. Yet, in the past eight years they haven’t worked together for we – the people. Now this country is in a downward spiral. There is someone sitting in the White House who Is completely out of control. The bottom line is that we – the people – have allowed this to happen. We are guilty as well that someone who is clearly mentally ill is running the show and stamping his feet when things don’t go his way like a spoiled child. I’m going on a retreat this week. I pledge to avoid reading the news. I’m terrified of what I will learn when I return.

      1. I did not use the word “retreat” literally. Maybe it’s a great idea for someone w/ expertise to start up some sort of online “retreat” specifically for the existing political situation??? Hah, and I didn’t start off well this morning, of course because of the ban on immigration hitting headlines.

  3. “Drunk on writing”, that was brilliant.
    Thank you Ed , and , of course , thanks to Ray Bradbury.

    Often , it came to my notice , that I wrote more when things were haywire . When there was hardly any time to breathe , I would be hammering out on my laptop . When “reality” becomes unpleasant , difficult , I wrote prolifically .
    Perhaps, “drinking ” , to escape reality .

    She was insane . No doubt about it . She needed medication , and urgently . But , so did we . The caregivers . Our patience threadbare , our eyes bloodshot , on fire , with chronic sleep deprivation . Finally , a drug combination , hit the nail . By then , we were fatigued beyond measure , and took roughly , four weeks to recoup. It was an experience , one is not going to forget in a hurry . Caring for an ageing , cantankerous old woman , with physical inflictions, overlapping with a major mental breakdown.

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