Real Life

What is real life? The stuff you do in your house and at your job, or out looking for entertainment on the weekend? What if everything about that real life is determined by someone’s politics? And what if those politics are not something you agree with? I thought all I had to do to maintain real life in the last election was vote. Turns out that wasn’t enough.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “Real Life”

  1. All else goes by the wayside, including politics because real life for me is primarily the condition of my mind and my health. If I can manage to take care of myself, nothing else becomes an obstacle. Nothing to me is more debilitating than when I’ve been knocked down, but not out, for the count by surgeries that have left my body scarred and/or with permanent disability. As long as I bounce back and get myself motivated emotionally and mentally to continue in life being true to my beliefs all is well. My body may look like a road map but these are proud battle scars. My mind is more fit than ever before. I’ve beaten cancer twice plus a few other lesser health problems. I’m a fighter. Real life means staying tuned in to my body and feelings. That equates to being fit to handle anything else that comes along – personal or political. I’ve already signed the document to impeach. Next I’m searching for the closest group forming near my home to fight my next “yuge” battle. Don’t ever give up!

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