She stood in the kitchen, staring. She couldn’t choose. A banana? An orange? Some strawberries? Why were there so many choices? She couldn’t think it through. Maybe some coffee would start her brain – shake it into deciding mode. But there was no coffee. The pantry was devoid, completely devoid, of coffee.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Breakfast”

  1. The woman known as Mom hummed contentedly.
    The kitchen smelled delicious.
    Eggs, toast, juice and what was that, pork chops?
    For Breakfast?
    An unexpected, delightful treat.
    Unaccustomed to cheer, the children entered cautiously.
    Looking toward the wall
    They saw the hook.
    But the belt
    The wide leather belt,
    Was missing.
    Was that good or bad?

    The children took their seats
    The woman known as Mom
    Slid their plates into place and urged them to “Eat Up”
    Lest their delicious meal get cold.

    One careful bite.
    A swallow.
    No slaps. No hits. No belt.
    The children gobbled furiously
    Racing to finish
    Before she changed her mind.

  2. They looked forward to their special Sunday breakfasts each week. That was one of the two days their mother was at home instead of work at the carpet mill. After church they would stop at the local ice cream store which sold newspapers as well. They always bought the Sunday New York Times. At home their mother would prepare the traditional sunny side up eggs with sides of bacon strips and toast. They also were allowed a half cup of delicious coffee with sugar and cream on Sunday. It was a special time because their mother and the two young children would sit down at the huge table for breakfast together. They would talk about what they’d experienced during the week. Then the dishes would be done before going into their cheerful living rom to read the New York Times. The children particularly enjoyed reading all the cartoons and then the entertainment section. They always hoped a good play or special show either at the Roxy Theatre or Radio City Music Hall would be produced in the near future. Going into Manhattan for a very special treat was one of their favorites. Somehow their mother, their sole financial support, always scrimped and set aside money for those occasions. They considered themselves very fortunate and in later years would always talk about some of the best Broadway shows they’d seen and how much they loved taking the train into Manhattan.

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