I Forgot

I forgot that I needed to plan meals and have food in the house if I wanted to eat. I forgot what day it was and when I was supposed to do things. I forgot to turn off the heat under the tea kettle and the house filled up with smoke. That’s when my son said enough was enough and I had to move out of my house.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “I Forgot”

  1. I forgot to put my jacket on when I went outside to clear snow from my driveway. I also forgot to call my neighbor to tell her that I will not be making it to the tea party. I think I have not recovered from my grieving yet . I am lost.

  2. I forgot to check and see if the garage door was closed last night. My husband’s memory is shot and he doesn’t remember to do a lot of things. As a result, I’ve been trying to re-train myself and check on a multitude of small things now in addition to those things which have been my own responsibility. It’s a difficult task. The other night I forgot to put the toilet lid down. I try to ensure we won’t wake up in the night to a cat’s howling because it went for an unexpected swim. Another time I forgot to double check all the propane stovetop burners to be sure they were turned off after dinner. This all began approximately three or four years ago when my husband placed our desktop computer in the trunk of the hatchback and forgot to slam it shut properly. When we drove out of the driveway and rounded the corner the computer fell out on the road in front of the car behind us. That’s when this mess all began. And it’s only gotten worse. Yikes!

  3. Forgetting is a defence mechanism. You forget , in order to live . You forget , in order to forgive . Imagine if we never forgot? It is only in these trying times , of the 21st century , that forgetting has become dangerous , a crime of sorts. The world is owned by people who are present , mentally , physically .

    You forget to turn off the gas stove , and you might burn your house down , or worse , die. You forget to lock your car , you may as well , say it goodbye. You forget your tickets , you miss your train/ flight. You forget your child’s parent -teacher meeting date , you will be reprimanded by the school , worse , your child stops talking to you.

    The common refrain is “How could you ?”

    To which , I , the queen of forgetfulness , reply “How could I not ?”

  4. I forgot the sound of Grandpa’s voice, but not the rattle of the farm truck
    I forgot the names of the workers, who smiled so broadly when he brought envelopes filled with money.
    I forgot how to tie a fishing knot, but not the taste of the fried fish
    I forgot the floorplan of the yellow house, but not the sadness that consumed it
    I forgot about the stuff that I hid in the crawl space when we moved
    I forgot most of the math after 10th grade, who needs SOHCAHTOA anyway?
    I forgot my freshman locker combination, but not the rank smell of a high school locker room.
    I also forgot the the love that I once felt
    because I’m sure that she’s forgotten me

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