Temporary Thinking Ban

For two years the media supported a temporary thinking ban by repeating lies without disputing them. Many people lost the ability to think during this time. When new leaders came into power later, they succeeded in making the ban permanent by appointing a person to head the country’s education system who knew nothing about teaching people to think. When the few remaining scientists attempted to point out the effect of non-thinking on brain structures, they were silenced and destroyed.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Temporary Thinking Ban”

  1. Morning Announcements: Effective immediately, Public School 23 will begin a Temporary Thinking Ban. It has been determined that thinking results in opinions that diverge from allowable canon; therefore thinking will be prohibited until further notice. All interactions and school work will reflect feelings only. Research, analysis, and cognitive rigor are strictly forbidden.

  2. Alicia had a temporary thinking ban in place. This was her second marriage. She was so in love with him. They’d each had difficult first marriages and even gone for counseling prior to getting married to one another. Then about ten years after their marriage she discovered that he had discussed their relationship with her two adult sons from marriage #1 without her knowledge. At the time, she had been going through multiple health problems – one after the other and trying to cope. The fact that he had spoken to her sons without being open with her beforehand was devastating. She felt completely betrayed. How hypocritical! One of the things she loved about him was that they could discuss almost anything. She always felt they were in sync. She felt he had been so supportive during that period in her life. Now she could no longer trust him. She was distraught feeling that all the love and trust she’d placed in him was worthless. It was difficult to continue. She would wake up in the night and dwell on the mess constantly. How dare he get her sons involved! It was deplorable. Don’t think! The only way to cope at this time. Protect yourself.

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