Too Many

Yeah, that’s right. Fifty words might be too many. Right now we’re running the country using 140 characters or less. Fifty words is a lot. Yeah. Fifty words require complete sentences. Punctuation. It’s a burden but some of us are brave enough to bear it.

Please use the open space below to share your first 50 words on the topic “too many.”


Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

6 thoughts on “Too Many”

  1. There are too many places breaking out in war
    and too few breaking out in peace.
    There are too many homeless kids
    and too few in great schools.
    There are too many societies that oppress
    and too few that liberate.
    There is too much consumption
    and too little conservation.
    There is too much hate
    and too little compassion.
    There are too many problem makers
    and too few problem solvers.
    At some point we will have gone too far to solve them
    at all….

  2. “Too many”, we suffer from
    of words
    of ideas
    of thoughts
    of speech
    of reactions
    We have too many
    things stuffed
    into our
    We need to clear
    the clutter
    In our heads
    on our tongues
    in our homes
    Too many

  3. How many is too many, good question. I ask myself that as I am presented each day with a topic to address in 50 words or less. My answer: If you are serious about writing you need to exercise, if you are not one is too many.

  4. There are too many ways to put a person down
    too many ways to break a loving heart
    too many ways to strike out in hate
    too many ways to tear love apart

    There are so many ways to build a person up
    so many ways to comfort a broken heart
    so many ways to counter hate with love
    so many ways to make a new start

  5. Too Many is not good, and it causes problems. Offering too many excuses makes it seem as though we deflect blame for our shortcomings. It’s best to take responsibility for failing to achieve, than to place blame on someone or something. That is a characteristic of a real woman or man.

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