I had this idea for a story. It was about a child with psychic abilities. But I couldn’t find the right treatment, you know? Like, should there be adults in the story? What kind of things would the child know or do? It was making me crazy, you know? So I decided . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

5 thoughts on “Treatment”

  1. Team Thunder was the best Platinum Elite U-15 soccer program in the region. Ethan’s heart had been set on qualifying for this club since he first saw them play as an 8 year old. He knew he had the skills. He’d been playing two age levels ahead since he was 10 and scored in the 95th percentile on their skills assessment. The question before him now was, was he prepared to endure “The Treatment”. The Treatment was a Hellish hazing/indoctrination ritual for new Thunder players and Ethan wasn’t sure that he wanted to be on the team that much.

  2. He would give her the treatment. It didn’t matter that it only occurred once every five years. What mattered is that for those years preceding the treatment she walked on eggshells waiting. She absolutely never knew what it might be to set his anger off. Since they’d been married she was a stay-at-home wife. She took care of the house. She mowed, wallpapered, painted, raked, gardened, renovated. She took care of the children happily. She drove them to music lessons and Little League games in summer. She sewed her own clothes. She grew vegetables. She took care of the bookkeeping for his three retail stores to be reviewed quarterly by the accountant. She tried to ensure that he didn’t have much to do at home when he had a day off so that they could spend it together as a family doing some fun thing. She entertained – preparing everything from scratch. She took in his brother’s daughter when he and his wife were on heroin and incapable of caring for the ten-year old. All of that didn’t matter. Every five years like clockwork he would go crazy and slap her, push her down the stairs, and finally he choked her so that she blacked out momentarily. She was truly frightened after that treatment. Yet it took her five more long years before she walked away. He had promised to go for counseling. They went. He lied. He would not admit that he was physically violent ever. That was the end of the treatment for her. Her sons were old enough to be on their own. She could leave.

  3. We sat and listened to the pill treatment our Doctor was carefully laying out for my high blood pressure. A medical situation I had been aware of for awhile but hesitant to go on drugs. Resigned to start the regimen of the pill population I got the surprise of my life when my Doctor asked me if I was willing to try something different. I asked him does it work as well as pills, he replied, “better.”

  4. “Why should I undergo treatment ?”
    “Because you behave abnormally .”
    “But , but these are real , the voices in my head , the visions that I see.”
    “They are called hallucinations dear.”
    “I am not mad , for heaven’s sake .”
    “Of course , you are .”
    “Who are you to decide ?”
    “I am your psychiatrist , and I know more than you . I have read more books on your condition , and I am more qualified than you , to comment on your disease .”
    ” I am not diseased, I don’t need any treatment . Why don’t you let me be ? I am not harming you , am I ?”
    ” I am sure you will . You are a threat , because , you are different . “

  5. Treatment, a necessary endeavor for some things, is worth the time and effort related to it. To experience changes in your life, treatment is sometimes a must. The changes might be related to mental or physical health. Mental and physical wellness are important. They enable us to achieve what’s necessary and preserve relationships.

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