Fresh Air

She opened every door, every window. She turned on the fans. She waved magazines in the air near the smoke detector. No amount of fresh air could deter the thing from its screamed warnings. She was glad it worked, right up until the moment she killed it with a broom handle so she could have quiet again.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Fresh Air”

  1. It happened the first time when they were on a trip to Denmark. They’d rented a flat via AirB&B. The flat was their second choice. The first apartment’s owners cancelled due to building renovations planned during their trip. Unfortunately, the second choice did not have an elevator. There were three flights of stairs to get to their rental. They also were not close to a bus stop. Both of these negatives would present problems for her. They’d gone out for the day touring. When they returned, as they climbed up the stairs, when she reached the second landing she found that she could not breathe. This was a first for her. She rested and did not panic. Then they continued up to the flat. The following day, however, as they prepared to leave for a day of sightseeing she had her second breathing incident. She was standing in front of the windows looking down at the layout of the Denmark street and the people walking about. Her husband asked a question but she could not respond. She could not breathe and began to panic. She waved her arm at him whilst trying to catch her breath. She opened the window hoping some fresh air would help. She fought the panic and tried to calm down. Slowly she regained her normal breathing. When they returned from the trip abroad she had yet one more breathing incident in the middle of the night. It was during a thunderstorm and heavy downpour. This time she panicked and ran out to the screened in porch trying to get fresh air into her lungs. She understood what it must feel like to drown … not being able to breathe. This second event had her scurrying to get an appointment with a cardiologist.

  2. 31 years, 7 months, 12 days. Rick closed his locker for the final time. He grabbed his gym bag and took the back stairs two at a time. No teary goodbyes or Costco retirement cake for him. He was cut from a different cloth. He was a planner and a doer, anticipating this day six months. Rick backed out from his parking space, turned left onto the boulevard and veered onto the Northbound freeway onramp. Crime would continue tomorrow. The department would try, in vain, to contain it, and he would be breathing fresh air.

  3. A book opened up at random . A pair of earphones plugged into the ear, a tinny song escaping , in a thin voice . Barefoot , pacing in the room . No lights on . A trickle of the fading sunlight , seeping in from beneath the curtains.

    “Go , get some fresh air “, Mom comes and pulls open the curtains , switches on the light , tidies up the desk , pulls ear phones from my ear , and shakes the bedcover. Biscuit crumbs and papers ,and a comb fly into the air .

    Light , sound invades my private den . “Fresh air .”

  4. Fresh Air will lead to feeling good and developing positive thoughts. This morning on my way to church, the fresh air hit my face. I felt great all day and my thoughts were extremely pleasant. Going out for exposure to fresh air is one great way to start the day.

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