The couch was comfortable. The blankets made it cozy. The music playing was her favorite song.

“Have you ever danced naked?” she asked.

“No. Am I about to start?”

“Yes,” she answered. She stood up and held out her hand. Maggie took it and stood with her. She pulled Maggie close and guided her around the room. When goosebumps and the chill won over romance, she led her back to the warmth of the couch.

“I’m too old to dance naked,” she sighed as they snuggled under the blankets.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “Dance”

  1. Alicia loved to dance. When she was a child and her mother was at work she was left alone to her own devices. She’d put on her favorite radio station. She’d also dig out some of her mother’s costume jewelry and scarves to wear. Then she leap up on the bed and hold dance poses. She loved looking at her image in the huge triple dresser mirror opposite the bed. Then she’d leap off the bed and dance along the hall to the living room. She’d twist and twirl and leap. Because she would sometimes accidentally hit the closet door jamb she’d wind up with bruises on her arms or legs. But nothing would deter her. She leap onto the sofa singing her heart out as she tromped on the seat cushions. She could sing all the Top Twenty hit songs as well as some of the arias from operas she’d watched on the small black and white television. At school she’d learned to tap dance and her grandfather, whose trade was as a shoemaker, surprised her with wonderful taps on her shoes. Nothing could stop her after that. She had rhythm and she had a very good alto voice. Alicia’s a senior now. Guess what? She still can get the energy if the right music is on to sing and dance all around her home. It’s actually energizing. There’s nothing like music to inspire.

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