My position on dogs is not a popular one. I know they are loyal and friendly. I guess I don’t need a lot of loyal and friendly, because I find dogs pretty uninteresting. They take a lot of work – the kind of work I’d rather not give. I’m glad you love you dog like one of your children. Good for you. But I don’t want a fur child.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “Dogs”

  1. The village was a hotbed of insurgent activity. Tim and his MWD Rocco were tasked with clearing a narrow alleyway before the larger element moved through. Inch by inch they expertly moved through, literally leaving no stone unturned. About 10 feet from the T-intersection at the end of the alley Rocco alerted and Tim dove to cover him up – IED. Command detonated. They had been watched the entire time and the insurgent detonated the bomb just as they approached.

  2. Esther’s favorite domestic animals had always been dogs. She remembered having seen a picture of herself as a toddler in one of her mother’s photo albums with the neighbor’s dog, Blackie. Ever since then, Esther had always owned dogs. They had all been loved and now, after all these years of their absence, they were all still missed. Every once in a while, she would recall their names: Champion, Lucky, King, Apollo, Narky, Titan and Conan. It would always bring a smile to her face.

  3. Ah well…Marie always loved animals. A kitten saved her sanity post-divorce. She was painting her small apartment all alone and feeling depressed. Finally, she changed her clothes and got into her car for a ride. “I’m going to stop at the first free kittens sign I see on the road.” And she did. And that’s how Freckles came into her life. Freckles was the runt of the litter. She was tortoise colored with a little spattering of spots around her nose. Marie hadalways wanted another pooch but waited until retirement so she would be at home with the dog. For 9 years Nasha lived until lung cancer took her life. The sweetest, most gentle little salt and pepper dog. Marie and her husband were devastated. Finally, without the other knowing, they each had searched online for dogs that desperately needed a home. They’re called “Rescue” dogs. Their only requirement was that it had to be another miniature schnauzer because they don’t shed and hubby had allergies. It took a lot of e-mailing to and fro. Then money exchanged. A long drive to southeastern Maine to pick up “Lily” a 2 or 3 year old white min. schnauzer from Tennessee. Lily had lived all of her life in a cage for breeding purposes. Marie and her husband have had Lily now for five years. There is nothing like the absolute love a rescue dog givesits adoptive owners. There is not too much that gives one such a feeling of having done something so good. When Lily looks up at Marie and her husband she stares a long, long time. You can see the love and gratefulness in her face. And they are grateful to have such a gentle, well behaved companion.

  4. 6 am:
    the first grey of day
    filming fog with silver
    the chorus begins
    with one long note,
    a tremble at the end,
    mournful in the early of morning.

    Soon more voices join in,
    notes high and low,
    a Gregorian canine chant.
    The coyotes give up
    and leave the singing
    to my dogs.

  5. Dogged in my belief , that dogs are too much trouble , I have , hitherto spend my dog-less existence , quite peacefully . If I wake up to slobbery kisses , and sniffing , determined , temperamental masses of fur , then I don’t know what the rest of the day would be like .
    Horror stories abound .
    A friend had her entire shoe collection chewed to shreds , by a “cute ” pekingese , who , did not differentiate between kolhapuris , jimmy choos , and bata shoes. Someone else would have the newspaper delivered as a torn, leaky mess and spend a good part of the morning cleaning the lawn of dog excreta.
    Another would reluctantly hire a dog -walker , as she couldn’t entrust her black labrador with “anyone else”, and the said canine had put on alarming amounts of fat. The dog sitter would , of course , sit , with the leash under his bums , while he smoked his “bidis”. The restless canine would pull its leash , toppling the smoking sitter , and rush right into the path of screeching truck tyres . He was dubbed ,”the sonny of nine lives ” by the colony residents .
    An Alsatian, a guard dog , allowed a burglar to break -in , steal and leave , watching the goings-on with a lazy eye. Then , dutifully , he barked his heart out , when the milkman arrived .
    Carpets torn to shreds , inexplicable night long howlings , and doorways clawed , wolverine fashion, and doggone peace of mind . Neither can you take vacations , for who will look after the dog , in your absence .

    I tell you, it is a dog’s life.

  6. Fur babies are the best babies!
    They don’t cost a fortune like yur babies

    They keep you company, they keep you fit
    Dogs are more than great, they’re legit!

    Whether you have a beagle, or you have a spaniel,
    It won’t be yelling and screaming, like Mark’s kid Daniel.

    Dogs are always fun, and almost never boring
    But they do behave best, when they’re snoring!

    Get over to the pound, and pick one up for adoption
    You’ll soon see, for unconditional love, there’s no better option!

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