She knew the inventory. She knew right where to take a customer who wanted stretch pants with pockets or a long sleeved white shirt. She also knew her days were numbered. Help for customers was no longer the thing. Now they were supposed to wander the store for 45 minutes, helplessly searching for the item they wanted. And buying more stuff along the way.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Inventory”

  1. Jake had finished taking inventory of all the plastic pieces used by the factory workers. it was time for his break, so he sauntered into his tiny office where he could sit at his desk and relax for 15 minutes nursing his cup of coffee. His seat was not even warm yet when the phone on his desk began to ring, and he thought, so much for my morning break…

  2. A ladies man? Sure. A conversationalist too, and a fine one at that. A wheeler-and-dealer, a master negotiator, and a heck of a salesman, rated #1 in the division for the fifth month in a row. But a mental inventory of skills and traits reveals a glaring omission: a killer he is not. However, the rather large and quite dead gentleman that lie at his feet would beg to differ, if begging were still physically possible.

  3. “When was the last time you took inventory of the mess items ?” Eyebrows raised , fingers pointing . Why is it that these “rounds” make me feel like a lowly criminal .
    “Ummm?” Forget it . No point recalling a time in past , that never existed in the first place .
    “Why didn’t you do it ?”
    “What Ma’am ?” Give that innocent , wide eyed look.
    When a job is not done , it doesn’t even occur the employers that the job has not been done because he /she doesn’t want to do it . Not because , “there was no time “, “Oh ! it had to be done ?I didn’t know that “, or ” Couldn’t get around to doing it “, “I will do it straightaway”.

    Is it so difficult to fathom? Isn’t the reluctance apparent in the eyes ?

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