“Oh, hey,” he called. “Did you water today?”

“A little, but not enough. I’ll do more tomorrow when I plant those onions,” she answered.

“You know that bare spot in the back corner?”


“Could you really soak it good? I want to put something in that spot.” He smiled at the thought of her softening up her own grave site.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Water”

  1. She was parched for she’d been under the unrelenting rays of the sun for the past 45 minutes. She stepped back and looked at her semi-finished painting satisfied she’d captured the enhanced lighting created by the late morning sun over the snow-capped mountains that were reflected on the lake. Taking the canvas from the easel, she sought the welcoming shade of the elm. It was time to recharge.

  2. Another dreadful Monday, the ultimate buzzkill to a weekend replete with sinful pleasure and sleeping in long after the rooster’s beckon. At the very least, there would be coffee to look forward to. The nutty and pleasantly bitter taste of a darkly robust Arabica bean would soon find itself steeped to perfection and finished off with a swirl of caramel creamer and a shovelful or three or sugar. The sputtering that resonates from the tap, however, serves as a scornful reminder that with the pleasures of adult delights such as a morning cuppa, comes the adult responsibilities of paying the water bill on time.

  3. The first thing comes in my mind when I read the word “water” is rain , I love rain. and then I think about the water cycle on earth . rain falls down on top of the sees and trees then it condenses and goes back to the clouds then it falls down again . it falls on us, I like to stand under the rain I feel like things get washed out of me, some people don’t like to get wet by the rain, I don’t know why it is just water, your body is composed of 80% water, it is just you.

  4. Everyone wrote off my curry leaf plant , including myself.

    I had just returned from a long leave and had met my dear friend , who had moved along with me . She too had reported dismal demise of the coveted plants . They were needed for the curries , both our families loved . The place we were relocating to , though green , was tragically deficient in these aromatic leaves.

    The leaves had turned a dismal shade of yellow-brown , some had popped off too , leaving toothless gaps . The plant no longer smiled . My friend had even broken a small branch with a snap , to prove her point . Dead wood . Lost battle .

    But I had transplanted these plants myself. I started watering the neighbours , a luxuriant aromatic basil and a pot of ice plants , about to burst into blossom.

    After a couple of days, the “dead” curry leaf burst into new , green leaves . It was incredible . Change of weather , plus a very important factor had wrought the miracle -“Water”. And lots of it.

    There was something else too . They say company of living , thriving plants,influence the sick ones , and that they are “inspired ” to live . A human emotion . They lived and are about to flower in a couple of days.

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