I Coulda Been

I coulda been one of those people whose vinyl record collection was still an everyday part of their lives. I coulda kept my turntable and my stereo components. I shoulda. Now I have an iPod that cuts off the end of songs and a batch of cassettes that need to go wherever all that old vinyl went. I can’t even insert a CD into my computer anymore to put new songs into iTunes. I woulda loved having all that old vinyl around.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “I Coulda Been”

  1. Coulda – Woulda – Shoulda: How many times have I said those three words to myself? And by using the vernacular I minimized the emotional distress I felt re the things I coulda, woulda, shoulda done. When one reaches a certain age and begins to spend more time thinking about their past lives they certainly have many regrets about things. That’s not to say they have many things in their lives that give them positive warm thoughts. Recently I was talking to myself saying, “I shoulda driven down the long, long drive to my dying friend rather than simply supporting her via the phone and gifts of flowers, books, robes.” I have my own health problems, as well as my husband’s failing memory and vision. Now that she died last Sunday and will be buried this Friday I have spent the entire week saying, “Coulda – Woulda – Shoulda.” Ah well – I hope by next week I will have done with the flailing of my spirit.

  2. I coulda been. I coulda been an astronaut, but the deep dark nothingness of the abyss frightens me. I coulda been President, but always had a problem really “applying” myself, a sentiment the school counselors would reiterate time and again. I coulda followed daddy’s footsteps and taken more of an interest in the family business, but toiling away day-in and day-out at our dairy farm never seemed to interest me, and besides, that kind of work was for the fellas. I coulda been strong, independent, the owner of a life one should want to be proud to own. I coulda been, and believe that I still can, but maybe tomorrow…

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