Is everyone Irish? Everyone I know who has used gets word back that they are partly Irish. Even when you think you know where you came from, know your family history, there’s this Irish bit in there. Nothing wrong with being Irish, of course. Maybe the Irish conquered the world and we didn’t know it.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “Irish”

  1. Maria is not Irish; however, both her first cousins – born the same year as she – married fellas of Irish descent. That was their neighborhood – a terrific blend of Irish, Italian, Polish folks. To tell the truth Maria always celebrated all holidays & decorated the house appropriately. Later in her life she finally managed to visit Ireland, Italy, and Poland, as well as several other wonderful places. She and her husband always liked to blend in with the locals. They never ever went on a tour schlepping their luggage with the masses and traveling on a bus according to schedule. Needless to say they had some of the most fascinating experiences. They rented an apartment in a medieval Tuscany village overlooking the village square. They learned to bake Greek bread at an old white-washed stucco home in Papingo. And they stayed in a thatched roofed tiny stone house in Ireland which had a peat fireplace. Of course, they also spent an evening having dinner and drinking ale in an Irish Pub. It was one of their most fun nights with music playing all night long. They never forgot a little girl of about four or five doing some lively step dancing in time on the stone floor to the live music. One couldn’t keep their feet from tapping in time to the music whilst listening to the tunes. It was impossible. Oh, and last but not least, Maria’s very first crush was on a young boy who came from an Irish family. He had black curly hair, blue eyes, and dimples. What’s not to like about the Irish?

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