“Hello,” she said. “I know you from somewhere. Where is it?”

“You don’t look familiar,” I answered. “Maybe you’re thinking of someone else.”

“No, I know it’s you. Where do I know you from?”

“Sorry, I can’t help you.”

“Come on, tell me!”

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “Hello”

  1. She was relieved to see her husband’s car turning the corner. She looked at the woman one last time.
    “Listen lady I don’t know you. Do you understand? I do not know you.”
    Her husband pull up to the curb. She got in to his car looking visibility annoyed.
    “You look upset. Are you OK?”
    “I’m fine. I just ran into someone I used to know from a distant past that I would rather forget completely.

  2. “Hello?”
    Her voice sounds the same.
    After 35 years, nothing has changed.
    She is still 19 and I am still 22.
    There have been no marriages or divorces.
    No kids, dogs, or houses.
    There are no commitments or inhibitions.
    There is only that perfect wonderland called young love.

  3. The phone kept ringing. It caught me in the middle of a mess. Joey impatient as always could not wait for help. A 3 year old with a superman complex struggled to reach the top shelf of the refrigerator and spilled a gallon of milk in the process. As I pulled myself up off the floor, hands full of paper towels trying to stop the milk from rolling under the refrigerator, I said,” damn phone” as I reached for the receiver. Hello, hello hello…. no one answered.

  4. Well, well .” Hello!” She babysat for his aunt. She was only sixteen. He was only two years older; in the Air Force and home for a visit. His aunt had something up her sleeve. His aunt introduced them. All she could say to him when she met him was “hello!” He was something out of this world. The most beautiful looking man she had ever seen. Tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. A smile that crinkled the corners of his delicious looking mouth. High cheekbones. Long lashes. She almost fell over when he asked her to go to the movies with him. She hadn’t much experience dating. She was an awkward teenager. Innocent. Freckles plastered over her face. Very tall and Olive Oyl thin. It seemed to her that her feet had outgrown her body. She was always tripping on something or other. And here he was asking her out. Wow!

  5. The bus was purring . The conductor stuck his head out , shirt end flapping , in the breeze .
    “Hello , hello ” She was desperate . The phone had chosen to ring at precisely , this moment . It was him .
    The conductor was impatient “You coming “. She gestured . Please wait . Pleading looks . The conductor rolled his eyes .
    “Hello , hello .I am here .” Why wouldn’t he answer? She could hear static. Probably , he too , was screaming into the phone on the other end .
    The engine revved . Her heart beat faster . The next bus came at 1210 , reaching you at lunchtime .
    She inched closer to the bus .
    He never rang her up at this time of the day . This was his sneaky call. An emergency . What could have happened ?
    The bus started inching forward. Without her .
    She was crying now , running alongside the bus .
    Ear glued to the phone , she let loose in vernacular . Still , no answer.
    The bus sped away , in a heartless cloud of dust.
    She stood there , one arm outstretched , willing the bus to stop.
    The line went dead.
    All sounds stopped . She stood alone in the bus-stop, with dust swirling in little clouds , around her feet.

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