Stick Your Nose In

It was a little chilly in the woods, but I didn’t want to complain. Bobby was taking me to a magic place. We came to a big rock. He said, “Stick your nose in that crack. Count to 20. Then your wish will come true.”

I did it. When I finished counting I looked for Bobby. He was gone. “Bobby!” I called. Where was he? I didn’t know the way  . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Stick Your Nose In”

  1. “Gde zakhzbah ve niznayou ploxa min bagaretz!”
    Don’t put your nose where it does not belong.
    Petr knew what was next.
    He had been on the delivering end of this message hundreds of times.
    Beefy Ukrainian men, reeking of cigarettes, grabbed at his hair and yanked his head forcefully rearward.
    The familiar click of a switchblade, the shiny steel catching a sunbeam.
    Petr strained hard to remember the taste of his grandmother’s borscht.
    The message would ensure that he would never taste food the same way again.

  2. It was a bad day, everything that could go wrong went wrong. The weather didn’t help, it was cold, damp with drizzling rain. The last thing I wanted was to be around people and there she was running towards me. Half heartedly I stumbled down the street dreading her voice. Before she could open her mouth I said with a slow deliberation “don’t stick your nose in.”

  3. Years ago her Uncle and his brother, my Father, used to play a silly little game with her. They would put their hands up to her face quickly and snatch them back saying, “Gotcher nose!” Ahah. She really believed them. Somehow they would bend their thumbs in between their index and middle fingers so that it truly appeared as if her button nose was there perched in between their fingers. When she realized, of course, they were teasing her she laughed like crazy. Let that be a lesson if someone tells you, “don’t stick your nose in.” Her uncle and father are not around any longer but she still sometimes thinks about the many little fun things they would do to make her laugh. She truly believes they would do anything to make her laugh since her father had left the family years ago and did not live at home with her. Oh well…he did the best that he could. He tried to make her laugh. He always tried to overcompensate but she appreciated it when she grew up.

  4. There she is , sprawled on the bed , on her tummy , reading a book .
    Piles of neglected clothes , washed day before yesterday , folded yesterday , still waiting to be put away . Slippers in a state of violent disengagement , pairs missing . A corner of a hastily concealed shoe box , poking tell -tale from underneath the bed . Bedsheets hanging in disarray from the bedside . Books , last years , worn -out , tired-looking. This years , shiny , bright . Mingling with democratic freedom on the floor , in precarious piles .

    Younger one barges in , fresh from a two hour respite in the bathroom , smelling of an amalgamation of conditioners , deodorants . Pronouncing quick judgemental verdict on her sibling – ” She has stuck her nose into a book again , Ma , what ‘d you expect ? ”
    Proceeds to comb her prodigious hair , coating everything in the room with a fine haze of flying split-ends , and dandruff.

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