A Cherry Pie

I made it from scratch. The crust, everything. I even pitted the cherries by hand after I picked them off the tree. The cherries were a little tart – just the way I like them. That was the best pie every baked in the history of the world. I wish I had a piece right now.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “A Cherry Pie”

  1. The most colorful thing Alicia ever saw was at a small village summer festival. One of the events was a pie eating contest. She had always loved cherry pie and thought she’d take advantage of buying a homemade pie before leaving the festival. In the meantime, after laughing during the frog jumping contest she leisurely walked over to the pie eating contest. There the children were all seated opposite each other at a very long picnic table. The contest was already in progress. Alicia will never forget the sight of the very young curly red-haired girl with orange freckles. The colors of her hair and freckles absolutely clashed with the cherry pie filling smudged across the little girl’s face. There was quite a substantial amount smeared from the tip of her cute little nose down to her chin and horizontally across her mouth almost ear to ear. And she couldn’t eat fast enough. It was memorable!

  2. Instead, she was taste testing other people’s pies at her church’s annual picnic. She was now regretting that she had volunteered to be one of the judges. Mary, her good friend, had not told her that she planned to bake a pie for the contest and Mary had baked made a cherry pie. She was just about to eat Mary’s pie and noticed that Mary was anxiously watching her. She took a good-sized bit and was amazed that is was a great tasting pie.

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