The burn searing down my throat told me I’d let the water get too hot before slopping it onto the coffee grounds waiting in the French press. But I sipped again, heat or no heat, because that first mouthful of coffee in the morning was the thing I waited for all night. The reason I get up is that first cup of coffee. Hello, new day, it’s great to see you.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

4 thoughts on “Burn”

  1. One more? Why not, it’s Saturday morning and I’ve nothing pressing to do. Hmmm…. I do love the smell of freshly ground coffee beans and this time the water was not too hot. That second cup was a perfectly delicious brew, right down to the last drop. So, what shall I do today? I could clean out the hall closet, but I’ll save that chore for a rainy day. It’s going to be a beautiful day. It’s time to put on my gardening gloves and transplant my tomatoes. Yeah!!!

  2. She was eighteen years old and should have known better. It had been a beautiful warm and sunny weekend. Her friends and she decided to drive down to the shore for a couple of days. They loved the beach. This was way before all the skin cancer warnings in the media. They’d put their swimsuits on and straw hats. Then they’d sit on their beach blankets slathering their skin with baby oil mixed with iodine. Who the heck ever thought that one up? That was the rage, however. She’d turn over every now and again to ensure the backs of her legs were taken care of. You guessed it! When she got dressed to go into the office on Monday she could barely walk without flinching. Burn baby! Burn! She had a severe case of sunburn on the backs of her knees which were now tinted a beautiful hot pink color. Her boss who was a physician gave her stern looks and did a lot of sighing when he observed her new way of walking.

  3. To him, it came naturally . He cupped his hands expertly around the tiny flame , and blew , ever so gently . The flame , quivered , hesitated and went underground . The charred area of hay remained silent , and she was happy that the fire had burnt out . It unnerved her . Flames , fires . He revelled in them . She caught him panting , with excitement . Why so ? His tears had not yet dried . His eyelashes , long and curved , stuck to each other , moist .

    Then, a wisp of smoke , emerged ,from the other end of the hay filled thatch roof . He was grim , and satisfied , almost happy . And he had dragged her away , from the scene of crime .

    She should have raised an alarm then , she would later recount, tearfully , to her parents , siblings , several times . What she was witnessing was an act of arson , and she didn’t know it . She thought it was just a prank , another one of his . How was one to know the devastating consequences of what was to follow?

  4. Burn is not a pleasant term for any Marine to hear, especially if they are the one about to get burned. You see, burn is a term that is applied to various contexts. It’s related to some sort of punishment in the Corps, and the outcome is not usually favorable.

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