My Favorite Toy

Stop me if I’ve told you this before. Oh, right. You don’t know what I’m talking about yet. Well, when I was a kid I had these gold colored cap guns. Shaped like six shooters. They used caps that came in a disc with six shots. I had a plastic holsters to carry them in – one on each hip. I tell you, I was so cool carrying those cap guns down the street, I could hardly stand myself.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Toy”

  1. Growing up we had to be creative in order to have some toys. My favourite toy was a ball made of old plastic bags and newspapers. It was my favourite because we made it with our own hands. Those were the best childhood moments which l cherish forever.

  2. My favorite toy, hands down, was, still is and will always be—jacks. I like the heavy metal ones and not the light aluminum ones they make nowadays. I still have a set of 24 and every once in a while, I take them out and do my magic with them. They’re great for hand/eye coordination and they help one to focus. It brings back many memories of my childhood.

  3. I lived next door to my same age female cousin who was an only child. She had everything and anything. On the other hand, my mother could not afford even necessities sometimes since she was responsible for our one-parent home. My favorite toy in the world was a two-wheeler that my grandfather won at a church bazaar. He played to win that so I could have something I very much lusted for. When I rode that bike in the neighborhood, my hair flying out behind me, I felt free and incredibly adventurous. I also was always grateful to my grandfather for understanding me so well and winning that darned blue bike for me. That was extra special.

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