Ah, a slow dance. She pulled Alice close. This was her chance. They were on their first date. She’d wanted to kiss Alice all night long. Now. Now was her chance. She pushed her nose into Alice’s hair. Alice didn’t resist. She wrapped her arm around Alice neck. Alice didn’t resist. Okay. Now. Do it now. Move!

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “Dance”

  1. It had to be prior to 1953. Her grandfather had worn his three-piece suit, starched shirt, and handsome necktie. She was asked to put on her prettiest dress. They went to the huge ballroom in the village. When the door opened she heard the sweet sound of live music. It was fairly dark in the ballroom so that when the large crystal-mirrored ball on the ceiling rotated millions of teeny rainbow-colored spatters of light flickered off the walls, ceiling, and old wooden floor. It was so magical. Her grandfather led her in to the center of the dance floor. He faced her and then directed her to place each of her feet onto each of his. He placed his left arm on her upper back. Then his right hand held her small hand in his. He slowly began to move his highly polished shoes slowly at first in time to the exquisite waltz the orchestra played. Ah, now she understood. He knew she loved music and now he was going to teach her to dance. She was in heaven.

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