Marion glanced at her phone. She was ten minutes early. She sat in one of the uncomfortable plastic chairs. Ten minutes – she could do that.

Ten ladies dancing, on this day ten years ago, ten times ten. Her mind wandered. She glanced at her phone again. Eight minutes. Would they take her back on time, or would she have to wait longer? Now, now was what she wanted. No more waiting, no more sitting. . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

7 thoughts on “Ten”

  1. Countdown

    Ten fingers,
    ten toes,
    but only one nose.

    Two ears,
    two eyes,
    but only one mouth.

    Two arms,
    Two legs,
    but only one heart.

    Ten fingers to touch you,
    Ten toes to tickle you,
    Two ears to hear you,
    Two eyes to see you,
    Two arms to hold you,
    Two legs to stand beside you,
    One nose to smell you,
    One mouth to kiss you,

    One heart to love you
    all the days of my life.

    1. What a fantastic poem using the concept of TEN. I loved this. I would love to be one of your readers if you have a blog. If you want to be one of mine, go to deborahjthomas.com. Keep writing!

      1. I do have a blog, but it is not a poetry blog specifically. It’s eclectic–some of everything in my life:storytelling, restoring/refurbishing furniture, gardening, cooking, family. etc. Thanks so much for your comment. Will be checking out your blog too!

  2. Ten
    I love the concept of ten. Ten is the number of completion or perfection in the Bible.

    A good friend just sent me a post on Facebook by God Fruits that list the 10 Things God Wants you to Know. They include some of the following since I cannot copy them without copyright permission: He will give us rest. He will answer us. He will not fail us. He will provide for us and be with us. These are so wonderful to know.

    This inspired me to write my own list of 10 Things We Can Count On from God.
    1 He is in charge and I am not afraid of tomorrow.
    2 He invites me to put my trust Jesus, failing that I have not pleased Him.
    3 Heaven is mine, through a life lived in Jesus.
    4 He provides stellar insight into Himself through His written Word, time warp resistant.
    5 He is the rock solid ground beneath me. Around me, life shakes, under me, stability.
    6 His news always has good in it, His news is gospel.
    7 He sustains and helps me when I am weary or ill.
    8 His love is a constant, whether alone or in company of others, His love is best.
    9 He gives me the honor of exchange conversation, in prayer.
    10 I can awake every morning knowing in Him I have a brand new day.

    What is your list?

  3. Well, ten minutes had gone by and she was still waiting. She was wondering why she had arrived ten minutes early. If she had arrived ten minutes late, they would have cancelled her appointment and made her pay a late fee. She was wondering why she couldn’t get a discount on her bill when they did not keep her scheduled appointment time. Yeah, a dollar discount for each minute that they were late….

    Oh boy, now she was getting really annoyed. Her appointment was a 2:30 and now it was 3:00. She looked at the clock every few minutes. Finally, she finally heard the nurse call her name. Sorry, we are so late Mrs. Jones.

  4. Ten , minutes to bathe
    Ten , times to be harangued
    Ten rupees to spare
    Ten hours of waiting the train to reach
    Ten seconds of an ad jingle
    Ten years to grow , understand
    Ten days to read, assimilate
    Ten grams of expensive saffron
    Ten kilos of cheap flour
    Ten , the number of flower pots on terrace
    Ten O’ clock , when you rang up
    Ten to four , when the school bus arrives
    Ten times expectations
    Ten lives that matter
    Ten friend’s names on fingertips

  5. Ten minutes isn’t very long. But it feels like an eternity every time I’m waiting for my mom to pick me up in the parking lot by Messer Hall. Because I’m the only person who still has to have her mom pick her up from school. Even when “school” is now college.

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