I love to plant a tree
In each home
Where I live.

I love to plant a tree
And watch it root
Into the earth.

I love to plant a tree
So I can visit it
When I visit former homes.

I love to plant a tree
And know the world
Is happier because of it.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Tree”

  1. That tree was something , or shall I say , someone special .
    Every holidays , we would come to the house , and rush in . Even before the luggage had been offloaded , or the mandatory wood fire set roaring , we , kids would rush to the backyard . Braving overgrown underbrush , and a real presence of snakes, there would be a mad scramble for climbing up the smooth ,well worn branches. The tree would patiently wait for everyone to settle down .

  2. The Old Ones

    They were old friends,
    standing sentinel along our rugged road,
    oaks older than any living person could remember,
    thick-trunked with sturdy roots that dug deep into rocky soil.

    No wind could topple them,
    though snow and ice sometimes
    broke a limb and littered the ground
    with bits of branches and a sad nest or tw.o

    Nature left them be,
    let them stand guard fora century
    maybe two, maybe three, who knows?
    It was a man, mounted on a rusty bulldozer,

    Pushing and pushing, grunting
    black smoke and noise and ripped earth
    and one by one the old ones swayed and screamed
    and slowly, slowly gave up their roots to the machine and the sky.

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