The Neighborhood

The most interesting house in the neighborhood has to be seen on foot. There are little art pieces all over the place. I first noticed a broken yellow sun. Standing over it was an ant sculpture with a raised club, like it was going to hit the sun again. Another day I noticed a tiny replica of a church sitting in the rocks. Then I saw a turtle. Another time I noticed a small madonna inside a wreath of grape vines. Then some tiny clay turtles with stones glued to their backs arrived. That yard is an art gallery.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “The Neighborhood”

  1. The neighbourhood comes alive when Mrs. lalitha .A , comes back from U.S.of A . Apparently , she doesn’t get to talk there much . The son and his wife are off to work , and the neighbours speak english.

    Lalitha, who had never set her foot off her motherland , who would never miss a single fast , puja , or festival , had to go festival-less for days . There was no one to guide her , her tropical flowers were missing , heck , even mango -leaves and “doob” grass for her daily offerings to the Lord Shiva were missing . Every day , she would fold her hands at the Ganesh pratima (this idol being the only one , on sale at the local Mart), and request forgiveness from His father , Shiva , for frequent and unforgivable lapses in her vrat-puja-tyohar routine .

    Everyday , on her evening walks to the park , she would scour the trees for “bel” , or wood -apple , a sacred tree, the trifoliate leaves of which Her Lord loved . She would be disappointed every single day , and would return crestfallen . She pined for the yellow “kandel” and red hibiscus flowers , and the smell of burning “dhoop” , and the sights of home . In short , she was terribly homesick.

  2. She hated the neighborhood. It all began almost as soon as she and her husband had finished unpacking the moving boxes. They invited the couple who lived next door over for dinner and all went well. However, later that week as they were walking toward their car in the driveway the husband ran over and said he wanted to speak to them. He said that they were going to build a new garage and might need a variance from them if there was not enough footage on the side of the garage to meet town regulations. They said they would get back to him. At first they were surprised the subject had not been brought up when the couple were at their home for dinner. Then they also were surprised due to the fact that the couple already had an existing garage. When they returned home they called their attorney who advised them not to sign a variance because if they ever were to sell their home it might present problems. When they relayed this to their next door neighbors you could almost visualize the curtain of ice that came down between both couples. The doorway to hell opened. Harassment, loud yelling, and trash being thrown near their property line was constant. One day they began screaming and accusing them of trying to kill a border of evergreen trees. The Mrs. actually called the State Police. Since they were the newcomers and the couple were members of the local Historical Society it was no surprise that they met with cold shoulders. They knew the vicious couple were spreading stories. For all of ten very long years they never let up with their brutal behavior. This was a neighborhood from hell.

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