Our President finally has something good to add to his legacy. He mortified the French in to rejecting a far right candidate for their President. Too bad Donald wasn’t in office before the Brits decided Brexit was a good idea. Who knows where their influence lies?

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “Mortified”

  1. Marie was totally mortified. “Why did this always have to do with blood?” When she was a child her nose would begin to bleed profusely without warning especially in the summer. She remembered one time she was in Church wearing her favorite cotton dress. It was light blue with a design of pastel tiny flowers and lace around the collar. Children usually would sit with their classmates in Church whilst the parents would sit anywhere at all with adults. All of a sudden – woosh and gush! Right down her lips, her chin and onto the front of her beautiful pastel dress. Of course, Sr. Regina and her mother both came to her rescue. They quickly took her to the Sacristy in back of the main Altar and used cold, wet cloths while she had to hold her head back. She hated calling attention to herself in any way. We won’t even go into her accident in her early teens when her period came early. She was wearing beige shorts and had just finished having lunch with her mother and aunt at her favorite Chinese restaurant. Totally unexpectedly, when she left the restaurant she suddenly felt a warm and wet spurt/squirt. My God! Unprepared and blood staining her pale shorts! Being female certainly had its negatives!

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