She was such a funny kid. The youngest in the family, the clown. She could make me laugh until I face ached and my stomach would have laughter abs. That was what made her a hit with everyone, all those smiles and all that joy. Priceless, she was.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Funny”

  1. She used to use her great sense of humor by making jokes about everything. Kids in the neighborhood and all her friends used to tell her how funny she was. Boys who she dated always commented about her humor. Later in life she came to the conclusion that she had used humor so much to engage others in friendships with her because she had a very deep need to feel loved. These days she uses humor when she’s under stress at the doctor’s office, etc. to try to relax. She has a very dry sense of humor and still has the ability to make people laugh. It always makes her feel good to be able to elicit a laugh. Life is too serious these days.

  2. That was me .
    The family joker .
    I had taken it upon myself to make people laugh. I used to tell jokes , which were too complicated for me . I wouldn’t get them , but they made people laugh , and that mattered to me .
    In retrospect , some of the jokes were outright innuendoes , but I was too young to comprehend . People used to say I was precocious . Now I know why they said that . They thought that I said all that with comprehension.
    It is too late to set things right. I am permanently labelled as funny. There are some members of the family , who start laughing the moment I open my mouth. I might be dead serious , but they still find my voice funny. Weird!!

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