I Ran

I ran for the school board. Then I ran for the city council. That went well so I ran for county commissioner. But when I ran for state government, I lost my footing. There was too much money involved, too much power at stake. It no longer felt like public service, it felt like corruption was the rule and honesty was a mistake. That was when I quit running.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

One thought on “I Ran”

  1. We all gathered in the tin shed. Miss Jenny stood on a small stool , in the centre of the small group.

    She was short , and forceful . Then she pronounced ,” Today all will take five rounds “. We all held our breaths . When she made pronouncements like that , you do not contest , you do not protest, you do not even squeak , you just run . Run for your life .

    Then she clapped her hands , an environment friendly gunshot , and we shot out of the shed , higgledy -piggledy , in a jumble , stumbling against each other .

    Miss Jenny was known to sneak up behind stragglers holding their friends’ arms for support , behind bubble gum chewing enthusiasts , and open -mouthed chronic “panters” turning purple blue while panting . Hands would be quickly disengaged , gum spat into grass, and mouths closed . I was one of the open -mouthed idiots , who suffered years of humiliating knuckle taps on the chin , before I remembered to not mouth breathe while running . Miss Jenny believed that shutting the mouth conserved energy , and you could run longer . It actually worked . I ran and ran . It was one of the most glorious periods of my entire existence . I have never run with such gusto, and a simple desire to please , as I ran to please Miss Jenny .

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