She gave me a quiz where I had to choose between two things. Like saying, “Shower or bath?” and I had to answer with the one I prefer. Except her choices of two things were designed to really make me reveal things. I wasn’t happy about it, but we were on TV and I felt like I had to go along. When she asked . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Shower”

  1. When she shut the bathroom door, she always sighed , a small sigh of relief . To be in a space , entirely her own . No shrieks , demands , no ticking clocks , deadlines , no rushing , or running about .

    She would slowly undress , peeling off layers of clothing , smelling of sweat and early morning cooking , of hustle and bustle at the school, the bazaar , the house .

    The she would hug the cool , tiled wall , feeling the full length of the cool tiles , against her skin , and turn on the water. Steaming , hot , shower. She would flinch for a moment , then relax , as steam arose and fogged the gigantic mirror. She was hidden now . From herself . Completely incognito , in her own steam bath .

    No wrinkles , cellulites , dark skin , seen . No one to tell her , do this , that . You should be thin . Must spruce and preen .

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