Steak for lunch, but there are no knives

Living with him was like being inside “Twin Peaks” or some bizarre place like that. He would do things like serve steak for lunch, but there were no knives. Or he would climb up in the attic and turn off the water heater every night so there would be no hot water for morning showers. I had to find a way to escape.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Steak for lunch, but there are no knives”

  1. Ah, well ….. he’d wanted to teach them a lesson. Those people who continued to eat meat like cannibals disgusted him. He invited them for lunch one summer afternoon. The barbequed steaks looks fantastic. He’d set the table with everything to go along with the steaks but the knives and other utensils. He’d made sure there was no tablecloth as well because he had an evil plan. When they came over to the table to eat and noticed the steak knives were missing he shouted at them, “Go on. If you animals like to eat other animals – no forks and no knives. Just bend your necks down and chew away like beasts in a stable.” He was a sick man.

  2. Was it lunch or was it dinner? If it was the latter, then what time was tea time? One things for sure, it was neither breakfast or supper. Nobody ate steak so early or so late. To my reckoning, being of sound mind and sensibility, mid-day was lunch, and that seemed a perfectly acceptable time for eating steak.

    Well you’d have thought so, except the person I was going to share this lunch time meal with, obviously wasn’t of equally sound mind. Looking at the barren table to which we would sit, there were somethings missing.

    “Steak for lunch, but there are no knives,” I thought. “How delightfully barbaric.”

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