The Dance Class

The ad for the dance class said you didn’t need to have a partner. Everybody welcome! So I went. There were 18 women and 5 men. The extremely, flamboyantly gay young man leading the class said, “No problem! Women can dance with women!”

That was how I met the love of my life. She let me lead during the dance class and I led her right out the door and into my heart after it was over.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “The Dance Class”

  1. The day I got the news, i had few choices, i had to change my life. Leaving the surgery there was a notice on the door, lots of them, i just never noticed them before. Mindfullness and animals, didn’t want fleas. My attention was focused, the doctor told me i had serious weight problem, then i saw the advert, always wanted to tango, the dance class i decided.

  2. We were all grey haired , pot-bellied people.
    Middle-aged , gung-ho , and full of life .
    My daughters cautioned me “Ma , you are going to embarrass yourself . ” On being asked if they’d like to join , they together responded “Never.” As if being embarrassed by a mother attempting to dance was a contagion . Similar response with all the other youngsters .
    So , now we are a motley crowd of a retired banker , an ex- army colonel , a leukaemia survivor , a school principal , a grandmother with a metallic knee , a very obese wife of a trader , a schoolteacher (the youngest amongst us ) and yours’ truly . That makes us eight .
    We make mistakes , and we laugh a lot . We jump , throw our hands around , and move , really fast . We also cause a small crowd to collect , thrice a week , at the bottom of the stairs , trying to catch a glimpse of the action . The tunes are lively , so are we .
    We are all on the wrong side of forty /fifty/sixty.
    Yet, we are , as our instructor Monica pointed out -” the brightest batch of students , she has ever had . ” That was really something .
    Or again , as the sceptical banker pointed out , she could be just “encouraging us”.

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