I’ve been gulping my glass of iced coffee as quickly as possible, but I regret to announce that I am still not quite alert and my eyes don’t want to focus. This means I am unable to open the safe for you, despite  your insistence and the knife at my back. Perhaps you are willing to let me have one more coffee. Surely I can rob this safe for you by then.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

3 thoughts on “Gulp”

  1. She was a preteenager. There was a huge swimming pool at a local park where all the kids used to go from the time they were toddlers and on up to young adults. She loved going there and always had felt comfortable. There were old black and white photos of her as a toddler sitting at the kiddies end of the pool with water spurting out of one of the fountains. However, at this point in her life she felt very awkward and shy. She was just beginning to develop breasts and was very modest. When she spotted the two neighborhood bullies who frequented the pool she tried to melt into the background. But, of course, they found her. One pulled the top of her swimsuit down to her navel. At the same time, the other pushed with two hands on the top of her head. She remembered how all she could think of to do was stay down under the water to hide her body. In the meantime, she really needed to take a huge gulp of air when she popped back up to breathe. It was frightening.

  2. “Do you know me ?” A demand rather than an enquiry. Almost as if “you should know me , even if you don’t “; or “how dare you pretend not to know me .”

    Anu sized up the woman . Fat , pot bellied , middle-aged , probably , mother of two . Does she know her ? Nah .

    Anu continued drinking her coffee . It was a peaceful diner . People were busy , eating , drinking . She looked around her and shook her head in negative .

    The intruder suddenly lunged forward , and before Anu could react , had snatched her coffee mug and drunk it all in a single gulp. Anu had a glimpse of a huge cleavage , smelt sweaty odors , and a scream bubbled in her throat . A scream of recognition , and a scream of primal fear.

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