Male laughter came from the subway car when the doors slid open. A Muslim woman ran out of the car and crashed into me. My coffee flew one way and my briefcase went another. I picked up the woman, my briefcase, and my vente-sized trash. The woman was in tears so . . .

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “Laughter”

  1. She could use some laughter about now. It’s been over two weeks that one of her oldest and dearest friends has been in the ICU with pancreatitis. Yesterday she took her dog to the vet for her annual checkup. Unfortunately, her dog’s Lyme test came back positive for Anaplasmosis and is now on an antibiotic for the next twenty-eight days.. The ticks in the area are a nightmare. She and her husband consistently check their ivory colored pooch for them. Not only the damned tick infection but their beautiful dog aalso has a lipoma on her upper chest. Since she’ll be getting her teeth cleaned once the infection is cleared up, she probably will also have the tumor removed as long as she is under sedation. Add these personal misfortunes to the daily theatre of the sitting President of the U.S. is enough to drive one over the edge. Laughter has such a great effect they’re planning on watching some comedy shows tonight hoping to get their minds off the negativity.

  2. So, Jamini , in an attempt , to prove her point , tucked her saree between her legs , and swung her legs over the fence . Her father-in-law, the tehsildar ,was traditionally , supposed to oppose these kind of adventurism ; but , he adored this spunky girl , who was married into his home , and her unconventional take on things.

    So , he watched the tamasha quietly , from his study window , pretending to read the newspaper .

    A small , noisy group of adolescents had gathered in front of the corn field fence . The fence was made to keep cows , stray animals , stragglers and urchins out . As with Roman (or Gaulish?) palisades , the tips of the wooden branches driven into the ground had been sharpened at the tips .

    Jamini , being a newly married nubile girl , had a trunk full of vermillion , scarlet and blood red clothes . Today’s clothes were of the brick red hue .

    One wrong move , and an edge of the voluminous saree got caught in the high fence . A loud ripping noise silenced all the sniggering. A frayed red piece kept billowing towards the cornfield , as Jamini covered her modesty with the rest of the remaining bit .

    Laughter , rippled like a contagion , out from the crowd of the onlookers . Jamini disappeared into the cornfield , running barefoot , dried sharp leaves slashed her to and fro, and laughter following her like cawing of crows.

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