The Birds

The birds, the birds make such a concert outside my window. Something too tiny to see is chirping, chirping. The doves are warming up for the day. A woodpecker pounds away on a power pole. The roadrunners bark occasionally. Above the wet grass the cliff swallows circle and dive in silence. Breakfast is better than singing.

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Author: Virginia DeBolt

Writer and teacher who writes blogs about web education, writing practice, and pop culture.

2 thoughts on “The Birds”

  1. We could learn from the birds.
    We could learn to be joyful every morning,
    to rise singing at the top of our voices.
    We could learn to fly through our mornings,
    to eat only as needed,
    to enjoy each moment as it comes.

    We could learn a few things from the birds.

  2. Birds rule . My world consists of chirps , caws, toots and some loud aerial sniggering from seriously territorial lapwings .

    Every morning , I see pretty bee-eaters flying to an fro the power lines , swaying them . The pigeons coo on top of the AC units . Mynahs are the real pests here . For the past few days , they have been steadily nipping fragile , precious leaves off my potted plants. At first the kids were blamed and chided . They took it sullenly , wordlessly . The harsh words fell on ears plugged with earpieces , hence deaf .

    Next morning , I saw the marauders with my own eyes , scavenging for nest-building materials . The kids were non-plussed when I apologised . They hadn’t heard anything , in the first place .

    There are pigeon droppings galore on the window sill . Every Sunday , they need to be scraped with a trowel , and the window pane needs to be hosed down . The other day , on a routine evening walk, my younger daughter pointed out a small , chirpy , nearly invisible purple sunbird flitting around the bushes.

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